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Saturday, 6 October 2007

We March Because They Can't

In the last fortnight, thousands of Buddhist monks in Burma have led peaceful demonstrations against the presiding military junta. The Myanmar authorities admit that thirteen people were killed during the subsequent crackdown, but Amnesty estimates the true number to be far higher, and ABC News suggested it would be in the hundreds.

Here are some photos from today's march through central London, organized by Amnesty to demonstrate solidarity with the Burmese people. We tied pieces of red cloth around our heads and lots of people had made placards and banners. We marched from outside the Tate Britain in Pimlico to Trafalgar Square.

At the same time as we were marching in London, demonstrations were also due to happen in Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. That's the back of Marie-Aimee's bescarfed blonde head at the middle of the photo... And, less prettily, the houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

If you'd like to take some action, visit:

Or join the facebook group, which at time of writing, already has an astounding 355,415 members:

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